NASHVILLE, Tenn. – “With cleverly composed lyrics and a rocking band that showcases Schneider’s deep-down home vocals” ( / Laura Whitmore), acclaimed actor and musician John Schneider‘s new single, “Born At A Truck Stop” is “big, loud, fun and freewheeling” ( “Born At A Truck Stop” is the second release from Schneider’s upcoming album Truck On, now available for pre-order and available April 2 through BFD/Audium Nashville and Maven Entertainment. The single and album will benefit St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps over-the-road/regional semi-truck drivers and their families. Schneider is a guest on Jeannie Seely’s show this Sunday on Willie’s Roadhouse SiriusXM to chat with the Opry legend about “Born At A Truck Stop” and his upcoming album, Truck On

Willie’s Roadhouse with Jeannie Seely Ch. 59
Sunday, March 21 
12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET 

“I am a big fan of Jacob Lyda‘s writing. So when I first heard the song “Born At A Truck Stop” I was immediately interested in cutting it,” Schneider tells “When I heard the chorus I knew it was something that had to be included because it’s such a great story. The magic of a great songwriter is the ability to tell a very complex long-term story in a very short amount of time and Jacob does that incredibly well.”

Taste of Country exclusively premiered the album’s title track, co-written by Schneider and Keith Burns, which drives home the central message of the entire project, trucking on. Schneider created the project to tip his hat to all those highway heroes explaining, “If it weren’t for our truck drivers during this last year or so, we wouldn’t have been able to survive. As songs like ‘Convoy’ and ‘Six Days on the Road’ and many of the great trucking songs of the 70’s, it’s about time we wave their flag and say thank you.”

The video for “Truck On” premiered exclusively on and features scenes from Schneider’s most recent acting venture “Stand On It,” an action-comedy movie made in tribute to the 1977 classic, “Smokey and The Bandit.” The film was produced through Maven Entertainment and was written and directed by Schneider to have the signature tongue-in-cheek charm from both “Smokey and The Bandit” and “Dukes of Hazzard.” The video even features a car chase reminiscent of his countless races through the infamous Hazzard County during his Bo Duke days. 

St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps over-the-road/regional semi-truck drivers and their families who are out of work due to a recent illness or injury. Assistance may be in the form of direct payment to providers for household living expenses such as, rent/mortgage, utilities, vehicle payments, and insurance. The SCF also provides health and wellness programs such as free vaccines, smoking cessation and diabetes prevention. St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund has assisted more than 3,000 drivers with more than 3 million dollars. For more information, visit
Truck On Track Listing:
1. Truck On
2. Roy
3. Born At A Truck Stop 
4. Cowboys Don’t Get Old 
5. Drinking Buddy 
6. Bottom Of The 5th 
7. Comin’ To 
8. Haulin’ Hell and Bayou Bound 
9. Free Born Man 
10. Stand On It 
11. Behind Closed Doors 

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