NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Powerhouse songstress Sandra Lynn celebrated the release of her “Lose the War (Morgan Page Remix)” during a brunch at Nashville’s Suzy Wong’s House of Yum with a performance of the remix by acclaimed drag queen The Only Vanity

thatDROP exclusively premiered a first listen to the dance track, where “The GRAMMY-nominated producer and DJ begins his splash of style with a misty introduction that eventually transitions into the poppy vocals of Lynn (thatDROP/Jacqueline Paat).” Page debuted the track on his SiriusXM show, “In The Air,” available on BPM, Channel 51. The remix is also featured on Spotify’s Pop-Co Playlist.

Lynn will appear on NASH-FM’s “The Ty Bentli Show” tomorrow morning to perform the “10 Minute Tune” and chat more about her new music. The collaboration with Page takes a spin on Lynn’s original version of “Lose the War,” produced by GRAMMY®-winning engineer and producer Ben Fowler and written by Emily Shackelton, Phil Barton and Cameron Jaymes. 

“Lose the War,” continues the second chapter of a musical chronicle that Lynn kicked off with her Fight EP last year. The remix maintains the song’s narrative with Page explaining, “The original story holds true, it’s just dressed in a different jacket with a faster tempo and more emphasis on a 4/4 beat. The lyrics were universal enough that they carry-over to a dance track.” 

“What I love about this remix is the fact that Morgan took two very different genres and seamlessly blended them into something that transcends both. I love how he features some of the country instrumental elements throughout like pedal steel, while also adding in several electronic elements that highlight his signature sound,” added Lynn.

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Singer-songwriter Sandra Lynn has established herself as one of country music’s sweetest rising stars with a voice that reflects both her love for country music and her roots as a California girl. Sandra’s emotionally-charged single for her latest video, “Lose the War,” world premiered on CMT and “Lose the War” continues a narrative in Sandra Lynn’s music releases that reflects three chapters of a relationship. “Lose the War” and “Am I Just Dreaming” kick off the second chapter in the narrative Sandra tells through song.