NASHVILLE, Tenn.  –  Eclectic sibling duo, Jesse & Noah, release a video for their vocally engaging and lyrically captivating “‘Lina Rose,” from their new album Neon Pike. The video exclusively premiered on and features Lillie Mae and Scarlett Rische. 

“It’s the only song on the album that’s 100 percent acoustic,” said Noah Bellamy. “I won’t give away the ending, but it puts a slight twist on a traditional folk-song narrative.” 

The Southern Gothic story was captured by cinematographer and director Derrek Kupish (dkupish productions) in their home. The tune was originally inspired by a traditional song “Rain and Snow” as Jesse Bellamy explains, “We’d been jamming some with Lillie Mae and Scarlett Rische at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn in Nashville and wanted to come up with something we could invite them in the studio to play with us. So Noah started working on a little variation of a traditional song called “Rain and Snow” and that became ‘Lina Rose.’”

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Grounded by the legacy passed down through generations of musicians in their family, Jesse & Noah, have come a long way since they left the Bellamy family ranch in Darby, Florida.  Over the years they’ve also shown a willingness to explore musically, to the point that maybe country isn’t even the best description of what they’re doing these days. True, their musical roots show throughout their newest album, Neon Pike. But what grows from those roots’, spills across genre lines. Along with fiddles and steel guitars, it’s powered by thundering drums, shredding electric guitar and hefty doses of Americana, rock ’n’ roll and elements that are harder to categorize.