NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Gateway Records, a label focused on up and coming artists of all genres, released their first project since re-launching earlier this year with Unsigned Grind Vol. 4, a compilation album featuring 11 unsigned, hip-hop artists from all across the US.

Unsigned Grind Vol. 4 is a cutting-edge perspective on today’s Hip-Hop, from a fresh cast of characters. Artists featured on this album though unsigned by major labels are making big moves within the industry, opening for viral hip hop sensation Da Baby, and getting placements on mainstream TV such as the hit reality series “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” airing on VH-1.

“We’re really excited to usher in a new era at Gateway Records with our first new compilation album. Unsigned Grind, Vol. 4 showcases eleven of Hip Hop’s most talented, unsigned voices,” said Scott Thomas, CEO, Gateway Records. 

Gateway Records was founded in 1961, and has had many reinventions throughout its more than fifty year history. After acquiring the label, Exegan Media & Entertainment, Inc. has created a multi-genre label whose slogan is “All about all music.” 

Unsigned Grind Vol. 4 Track Listing
1. Hollywood (feat. Rvch Glory & Fresh TaDef) – Serna 
2. Google It – Crucial Beatz
3. Longway (Remix) [feat. CD3 & Juantez] – Christoso Day 
4. Instagram Hoe – Grizzy 
5. Free Game – Cwilltooill 
6. Overture – Joshua Scales
7. 40 – KRDaTrapper
8. Redo (feat. Super Jay) – LADY KA$H
9. Trustless – OptimoRocks
10. Life of the Party – Pg-13 
11. Simmer Down – SL!P

Artists are invited to submit their music for consideration on future projects Gateway Record’s website, HERE