NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Brenda Lee, Bill Anderson and Gene Watson are mourning the loss of their longtime friend and collaborator Country Music Hall of Famer, Harold Bradley.

“When I was 10 years old, the Bradleys welcomed me into their family. When I married my husband Ronnie, they welcomed him like a son. Lost would be a good word to describe how I’m feeling right now, but I’m not lost because I’ll always have my memories. Harold Bradley is a big part of all of my memories. Harold is a big part of who I am today. He molded me from a little girl into one of his girls, along with Tammy, Patsy and Loretta. I’ll miss him dearly.” – Brenda Lee

“I was saddened to wake up today to the news of the great guitarist, Harold Bradley, having passed away. Harold was Owen Bradley’s brother, and the two of them left quite a mark on my early career. Owen produced my records, and Harold played on most of them. He was a talented, kind, gentle soul, and we were blessed to have had him with us for 93 years. Rest in peace my friend, secure in knowing that you made the world a better place.” – Bill Anderson 

“Surely am sad to hear of the passing today of Harold Bradley. One of the best session players and brother of Owen Bradley. I was fortunate to have Harold as the session leader for the Reflections album back in 1978. That’s the album for the first recording we did of ‘Farewell Party’ and ‘Pick The Wildwood Flower.'” – Gene Watson

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